Terms & Conditions

The Legal Stuff...

​Big Oak begins working on a project upon receipt of a retainer/down payment equal to the first two weeks of development. If project timeline is less than two weeks, a 75% retainer will be required. Unless otherwise specified in writing, the client is charged equal payments every two-weeks over the course of the project's timeline. Websites are made live upon completion of the project, when all payments are cleared. Annual hosting and, if applicable, domain name (URL) registration fees must be paid in advance and will be transferred upon project completion and fulfilled payments.

All of our services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We don’t stop working until our clients are completely satisfied within the framework of its original agreement with the client, according to Big Oak’s understanding. That is our commitment. However, Big Oak will under no circumstances be held responsible to satisfy out-of-scope expectations or requests. It is Big Oak‘s discretion to decide whether or not a request or an expectation is reasonable or lies within the scope of offer of services to its client. As an example, if the client purchases a certain service, but in order to be fully satisfied, Big Oak determines that an additional service is necessary, then it is no longer Big Oak’s responsibility or commitment to satisfy the client. In other words, Big Oak guarantees 100% satisfaction within the framework of its original agreement with the client, according to Big Oak’s understanding.

  • If client is not satisfied with Big Oak’s Services, client can ask for a refund on any unused monies minus processing fees. Big Oak will be happy to exercise a refund, after doing such on review.

About BIG OAK’s web design projects:

  • Big Oak doesn’t assume any responsibility or liability for the  client's requested content of the websites it designs and/or hosts. Big Oak has no control over any information, materials, or products found thereon. Big Oak doesn’t serve as contractor for its clients, and they are entirely responsible for all that is found in their websites.

  • Because of the nature of web design and programming work, websites always appear differently on different computers. Screen resolution, operating system, and browsing software are just a few examples of variables that may affect the way a website looks. The client must be aware of these possible variations and Big Oak will not be held responsible, nor accommodate non-mainstream devices. 

  • Project management and leadership for the projects are done in Columbia, MO.

  • Any price quoted requires the project be built on and subsequently reside on one of our preferred host providers having known technologies that support the requirements. To build elsewhere, given all the unknowns and subsequent research assessments needed will be charged at an hourly rate. That hourly rate will vary based upon the talents needed to fulfill the requirements and possessing the proper language skills (ASP, PHP, JAVA, etc. etc...)

  • All sites developed by Big Oak will require Big Oak's linked company logo and linked text snippet referencing it being Big Oak's development work for a minimum of two years after site launch. Text font will be a contrasting color to background and no smaller than 14 px. Big Oak's logo will also be linked and be no smaller than 35 x 35px. 

Unless clearly specified otherwise in writing, all project statuses are set as “completed” after go-live. This means no more work will be done on that project and no unpaid services will be provided unless a maintenance agreement has been established. This doesn’t apply to hosting and domain name registration services, which are provided independently of the project status, and only according to the client’s payments.

  • Services or part of services (i.e. elements of a project) that have been approved by the client are considered as services with which the client is 100% satisfied. Any further work on these services (elements of the project) will be invoiced accordingly.

Additional services come at additional fees, on a fee for service basis or on an hourly rate. If clients require additional services outside of the agreed upon scope (SOW), the fee is added to their invoice and they are charged accordingly. As a result of requested additional services, the timeline will adjusted accordingly. Additional adjustments in timeline or delays in project completion may occur when:

  • There is a delay in any payments

  • The client requests further changes in the design, structure, or content of the project

  • The client purchases an additional service related to the project

  • There is a delay in the receipt of any materials form the client

  • Time frame estimates are approximate only and are subject to change at any time at Big Oak’s discretion. At any time, and at its whole discretion, Big Oak’s may decide to put a project on hold.


About credit cards data processing:

  • Big Oak hires the services of reliable third party companies to manage credit card information and payment gateway secured encryption for the websites of its clients. Such companies charge fees per transaction and/or fees per month for which the client is responsible. Most such companies offer various fee plans to best suit the needs of the client’s business depending on the volume of the client’s online transactions.


About this site:

  • All prices appearing on this site are subject to change without notice. These prices are solely informative and Big Oak is not necessarily committed to them for your project. To receive a free quote for your project, please call us at 573.397.4638 or request a quote on our website .

  • Promotional offers are not cumulative.

  • All the pictures shown in this web site are solely representative.

Big Oak’s Review and Placement on review sites

  • You can see actual client reviews about Big Oak’s services on the following 3rd party pages: Google. ​Big Oak’s strives clients to leave their experience on the 3rd party sites , some of the sites like actually do call our clients and spend 30 minutes – 1 hour on the phone with them going over the full experience of their experience with us. Big Oak is featured on 3rd party reviews sites. Such as 10bestdesigns, Clutch , topwebdesignny and toptenreviews. All rankings developed and posted by 3rd party review sites or represent the independent opinion of 3rd party review sites, and are derived by virtue of independent judgment, analysis, and subjective / objective criteria. By developing and posting such rankings, 3rd party review companies make no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or factual basis of the rankings. Users of the rankings hereby acknowledge and agree to perform their own due diligence in order to come to well-informed decisions of their own. The Users hereby acknowledge that the rankings are to be used as an instrument in making such decision, but should not be viewed as an authoritative end-all to any evaluations.


Should you have any questions or concerns about these terms and conditions, please send us an email. Thank you for doing business with us! We really appreciate it.

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